Jen Kiaba Photography | About

As an artist I am committed to telling stories:

Yours and Mine.

Jen KiabaPhoto by Keith Ferris

My work is about creating a sacred space to be seen and honoring your deep inner voice.

As a woman who up in a fringe religious movement, much of my journey has been about confronting false perceptions about myself and my own self-limiting beliefs - oftentimes using the camera as my witness - in order to find my voice.


It was through these self portraits that I discovered a deep understanding that the places of our darkest pain are often where the most profound and luminous healing can occur.


That intersection of dark and light is a sacred space that I now want to offer to the world.


Whether through my Fine Art Photography or through a Portrait Session, my aim is to help you find your own sacred, transformative space to share your message. In the studio I do my best work with empowered, self-aware women and a few visionary men who are grounded in the value and service that they provide to the world.

My work has been commissioned by New York Times Best Selling Authors, Luminary Thought Leaders, Genre-breaking Musicians and Soulful Entrepreneurs. My portraits have been used by publications such as the Wall Street Journal and on websites like The Huffington Post, and; my Fine Art work has won international awards and has been featured in galleries and on book covers world wide.

If you’re looking for an authentic, transformative and deeply-rewarding photo experience, use my contact form to get in touch about commissioning a Portrait or a Fine Art Session , or browse my Fine Art Gallery to purchase a Limited Edition Signed Print.
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