Jen Kiaba Photography | Wayfaring

A woman in a red dress bares her shoulder while hanging her head in shameEnd of the WorldA wild woman in furs and a silver dress holds a staff covered in skulls as she climbs through the snow.A woman in a vintage high collared blouse sits back in a red and gold wingback chair.A woman in a dark nightgown stands barefoot on a large rock overlooking a misty abyss.A group of seven women veiled in white emerge from a river while the sun sets behind them. The woman in the middle holds a smiling child.A brunette woman in a long flowing red dress sits on top of rocks above the clouds with birds flying in the background.A woman in a red dress with her face wrapped in red cloth stands on a dock on a misty lake.A woman in a white dress sits in the bow of a red row boat in the middle of a misty lake.A woman in a white nightgown emerges from a landscape of clouds to climb a rickety wooden ladder into the dark heavens.A woman in a sheer white nightgown stands barefoot in the snow next to an empty birdcage while birds rise towards the moon in the background.A woman in a white dress bobbs above the waves while a woman in a red robe lays in a rowboat in the background, bathed in moonlight.New Beginnings